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Drx. Bharat R. Dagade


Dr. Sandip Deshmukh


Er. Kunal Bhadane


In the socio-educational system it is the most crucial phase in your life to choose a prestigious career. Every science student wishes to lead a successful career as an Engineer or a Doctor. Before making preparations for the Entrance Examination, it is not only important to know what should be studied but it is also of paramount importance to know what should the strategy for preparation. It has been the endeavor of this Institute to keep pace with the latest techniques and adopt new thoughts in guiding the students.

Our emphasis is on providing quality education for those who want to prepare themselves for exams like for JEE & NEET. Students should remember 3 simple steps for success. Follow your teachers, attend classes regularly & do self study. As we know "Practice makes a man perfect." Quality of this institution is beckoned by continuous hard working of well qualified and experienced faculties. Sometime it comes in students mind that some particular subject or topic is too hard to understand. But it's never true. Each and every subject or topic is easy if there is a good teaching technique.

We strive to provide knowledge, skills, abilities, attitudes and beliefs that are essential for a productive, successful and happy life. We recognize that these goals are best achieved when the institution provides an environment in which faculties, parents, staffs and others develop and practice core values that benefit the academic, emotional and social needs of all students. Saraswati Educare's efforts are aimed at higher benchmarks and further refinement.

Flying on the wings of vision and ignited by the spark of passion, our mission is to set ourselves not just to enrich the legacy we have created, but to excel one milestone after another with clock-work precision and habituated ease. Driven by the relentless efforts of the years that have gone by, we modulate leadership that when integrated with latest technology and global perspective steers close to the best practices in JEE and NEET preparation. As we visualize the future, we feel the urgency to make rapid strides in harnessing the latest teaching techniques and addressing ourselves in the context of changing entrance exams scenario. Saraswati Educare is working towards being centre of excellence for JEE and NEET entrance exam preparation.

With the new changes pattern we are set to provide our students with real practical skills that meet the necessary needs of online exam pattern & preparation while providing them with the fundamental knowledge base for a board exam preparations.

Wishing all of you a happy & prosperous prosperous career ahead.